Workday Writeback - Can't connect

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I am trying to get the Workday Writeback integration to work. It's part of the Workday Azure AD, on-premises directory tutorial found here:


Does anyone have this working? I am using the same Workday credentials in the "Workday Writeback" connector that are working successfully in the "Workday to Active Directory Provisioning", but I can't seem to connect to Workday. Invalid username/password every time. Nothing shows up in the Workday logs, and the Azure logs lag several hours behind. That makes for a frustrating experience. Does anyone have Workday user provisioning working?

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Hi Andreas, did you manage to get this working?
nope..we switched to MIM with a custom agent to accomodate some rather complex business rules..we went live in july and are now working on the next evolution

thx for the reply. Now Workday provisioning is GA we are going live with this solution soon. Hope this solution and future provisioning solutions will get the attention which it needs to make Azure AD really a full Identity and Governance Solution.

We have successfully deployed MIM.. but that is going EOL in a few years.. We may backtrack and look at Workday Writeback, SCOM, etc.. again.. Time will tell.. So many projects, so little time.