Windows 10 and Azure Password Reset

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Trying to implement Azure Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) this and got it working with the URLs and enrollment, however trying to get the Credential Provider piece to work with Win10 and its not having it. I have gone over the doc from sept and checked all the items that MIGHT cause issues and so forth, nothing. Boxes are Hybrid Joined and previous did have some credential providers but were uninstalled for testing this, also they did have some infringing items that were later removed or reversed.


I was surprised when MS said this will not work with Ctrl/Alt/Del when others there any game plan for a plugin similar to the 7/8.x OS?

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SSPR on Hybrid Azure AD Join device does not work with CRTL+ALT+DEL until there is a line of sight domain controller avaialble. Which means, if users are connected to on premise network or VPN(always on), it works fine. It works unconditionally on Azure AD join windows 10 devices.
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