Which domain name should set for active directory ?

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     example my company has domain is xyz.com.vn and we are planning to deploy active directory , I want setup active directory one level is no need child domain .So i can setup root domain with name is  xyz.xyzcopy.vn or xyz.vn ? I am worry not know root domain can allow domain three level as xyz.xyzcopy.vn and is best practice ? 


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Hi @Tien Ngo Thanh 

Let me see if I can help you.
Are you planning to deploy Azure Active Directory?

It is quite normal to use your primary domain name for AAD (xyz.vn).

You can have multiple domains setup in Azure (I currently have 10).

Primary domains can be set on a per user basis allowing for multiple domains in one tenant.

Sub-domains can be used as long as your DNS records match up.
Does this answer your question?

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For internal on-premise Active Directory and if your FQDN for the organization is xyz.com.vn then it will be ok to use that as your root, remember that your NetBIOS name can be shorter for example just xyz (important thing for the consumers that have to enter that detail to log into resources.


The only thing is you need to make sure that your DNS lines up with the domain name for internal naming resolution.

thanks your support