Where is Ping Federate Public Preview in new Azure AD Connect install?

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We have recenlty upgraded our Azure AD Connect version to the latest one.  I believe it is version 

 1.1.819.0 .  I performed an in place upgrade from an earlier version.  This new version is supposed to provide Ping Federate Integration in public preview (not sure what that really means). 



Now that I have that version installed in my Development Environment, how to I enable this Ping Federate Integration.  I did not see the any Ping Federate screen to initiate the configuration.  Do I have to run the Azure AD Connect .MSI again to see this and configure it or is it buried in the configuration on the machine somewhere? 



The above link suggests an Azure AD Connect fresh install. We did the in-place upgrade and I did not see this screen. Is there some other way to configure the Ping Integration or do I have to re-run the Azure Ad Connect.msi and choose custom install and then I will see the Ping Federate Screen?



Kevn C.

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