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What is the Grant Permissions Button for Azure AD Webapp

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Hello all,


I am still very new to active directory and how it works so bear with me. I have an mvc webapp that uses azure active directory for authentication. Inside of app registrations, I click on my app, go to required permissions, click on my active directory, then click on Grant Permissions and it gives the message shown in my picture attached. I clicked yes for a dummy app I was testing and now I am not able to edit the manifest for my app. It says I do not have permission to edit it which before clikcing yes on the Grant Permissions button, I did. I was able to add roles and the like but I am no longer able. I am a normal user in the active directory and have the ability to create apps and edit the manifest up until I say yes to granting permissions.


Can anyone explain the function of the Grant Permissions button for apps in ad? Also maybe how to roll back the changes made after saying yes or do I have to create an entire new app and relink?


Any help would be much appreciated


Thank you!

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Just what I needed  thank you!

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