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The Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration Community is a place we've built for all of you. You can learn more about the capabilities, discuss your work with Azure AD B2B collaboration, and connect with experts that build and use Azure Active Directory B2B Collaboration. Our community is a great place for engagements with us and connecting with other customers like you. Get your questions answered, give us feedback, make your favorite feature requests. Help us shape the future of the product. We are listening!


Azure AD B2B collaboration capabilities enable IT Pros and Information Workers to work closely with users in any other organization on the planet. They can provide access to documents, resources and applications, while maintaining complete control over their internal data. Developers can use the Azure AD business-to-business APIs to write applications that bring two organizations together in a secure way that appears seamless to Information Workers and is intuitive for them to navigate. 


 So, jump in! We look forward to getting to know you!


Sarat Subramaniam and @Mary Lynch 




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great to have a space to talk about the B2b progress.

Thanks for your response and welcome! 


How are you using Azure Active Directory for B2B collaboration, and what challenges are you facing?


Let us know if we can help.

It is in another thread, but our biggest problem is that we have all partners as mail contacts in AD which are replicated to Azure AD. Also those contacts are part of hundreds of distribution lists. 


So until the fix comes out for mail contacts and guest users we cannot use B2b or guest accounts to collaborate with our partners. 


For the moment my customer has implemented a work around in conjunction with Microsoft. Which requires K1 licenses and domain accounts from and old external AD domain. The contact and accounts are merged by Azure AD connect then synced. 


This also means a change for the users. We have given them new login details and a new way to login which is actually the biggest challenge. 


We have done this for a limited number of users due to additional cost of the K1 licenses. 

Philip - we have deployed this fix worldwide, so this issue should have now gone away. Can you please re-test?


The fix you are talking about is interesting - can you tell me more?

Thanks Sarat. Has there has been any announcement / documentation on it yet?

I will ask our Microsoft contact Alexei to contact you with details. It is a change in Azure AD connect with sync and flow. I do not have the exact details.