Using regex in AAD Connect synchronization scoping filter

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Hi all


Does anyone know of a way to use regex in the Scoping filter in the AAD Connect synchronization Rules editor please?

I don't want to import in users with an incorrect UPN, all I want to come in are UPNs in the format of

At present I have about 500 users with incorrect UPNs that can't be immediately corrected due to remote working and corresponding certificates with UPNs like this

I've got a filter set up with Attribute = userPrincipalName, CONTAINS,

This makes sure most incorrect ones are caught but not the first in my list of examples. If you could use some regex I could NOTINCLUDE “^[A-Z]{2}[0-9]{3}” 

It would also work if the value could take *.* but it doesn't look like wildcards are supported as it is asking for a definitive value.


Thanks in advance


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I don't believe it's supported.