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Apr 03 2024, 07:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
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Using AAD with Diskstation

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Hi All, 

Apologies if this seems basic...


We use Office 365 (25 users) and would like to use Azure Active Directory to implement group policies for users and also to implement SSO to authenticate them on our Synology NAS. We do not have a Windows Domain or any local Active Directory


My first question is:

Can we implement Group Policies at login for Users with the AAD or do we need to upgrade?

Can we implement SSO to our NAS box using the Microsoft Accounts and how do we do that?






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@Carl O'Connell 


Hi Carl,


Don't know if you have actually figured this out, but it is possible to add the Synology NAS to your Azure AD Domain. There is one thing that's needed for that and that is Azure Active Directory Domain Services. See the link below.

Hi @DP 

We move to a different AD solution now.




Any updates on your choice for a different Synology AD solution, today?