Using AAD to publish SaaS apps

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I have a client who's looking to migrate from hosted CyberArk to Azure AD for their SaaS app publishing to their users ( I've investigated the different options for publishing apps and linked works well for some, and others work with a single username and password for the app for the org (they have 15 users). 

However, their Cyber Ark provider has a feature where you can assign a username and password to each user's account, which is then provided to the published app sign in page, when the user opens that app. The SaaS apps in question don't provide SAML or OIDC connectivity, just username and password. 


My question is - have I missed something in Azure AD or is this something AAD doesn't provide? I.e. different usernames and passwords provided to a sign in page depending on which user is accessing it?


Hoping that I'm wrong and there's a way to do this - would love to move the client to native AAD app publishing. 

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