Using AAD Domain Service for Authentication with OnPrem Radius Server

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I'm very new here and I didn't find anything for a similar solution.


Does anybody know or still got a solution to connect a Radius Server (like NPS or maybe Fortinet MERU / FortiOS - FortiConnect / FortiAuthenticator) via AAD DS?


Or is it just that simple to install MFA OnPrem? We just need to authenticate Users for WiFi purposes (Fortinet WLC MERU) with their O365 Credentials E-Mail Adress and Password. Has anybody a solution or better a HowTo for that?


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Does it not support AAD on its own? I know Aruba supports AAD credentials for guest users.
Unfortunately not as far as I know. We asked Fortinet, but the only Thing they came up with, was to buy FortiConnect or FortiAuthenticator, but even unfortunately without a specific solution to authenticate wifi users with their O365 credentials.



Did you solve this?