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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Updated Multi-Tenant App permissions missing on new customer consent.

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I have a multi tenant application using Microsoft Entra Id. I have added additional permissions to the application. These additional permissions do not show up in the consent dialog for new customers. New customers are only asked to consent to the original permissions. Manually triggering the admin consent dialog(<TenantId>/adminconsent?client_id=<ClientId>) retrieves the latest permissions for consent. Shouldn't new customers always consent to the latest permissions?


Environment Details:


There are 2 Application Registrations, both are multi-tenant applications.

The first is an app registration for my web frontend client.
The second is an app registration for my backend api, it has authorized the frontend client application in the "Expose an API" section

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Has this been resolved with time? I would be interested to know.
No it has not, I just went through the consent flow with a new customer and confirmed that the permissions are still the old permissions.

API permission changes were made on the backend API app registration I'm not sure if that is somehow causing my issue. When consenting for the first time a user consents to both app registrations.