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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Unable to authenticate using Microsoft Authenticator when switching directories

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2 out of 4 directories have the following issue:


When switching between them, I get prompted to re-authenticate using Microsoft Authenticator (I do not get the option to authenticate using text or another email). However, I'm getting the following error on the app:


"Unable to process notifications from your work or school account. If this account has been removed from the app, please also remove it from the MFA registration page. Otherwise, remove the account and re-add it".


Attempting to refresh notification through the app while the web login is waiting for a response gives me the error: "Error checking for notifications".


The above error also occurs when attempting to authenticate from Visual Studio. The authenticator app is working for everything else. I'm not sure what is different for these specific flows. It is as if it's trying to get a token for the wrong account (Which is not added in the app).


Note: I have recently re-installed the microsoft authenticator app, although I'm not sure if it is related.


What I have tried:

1. Re-added the account multiple times in the authenticator app..

2. Attempted to leave the organization (through, but the same issue persists when trying to authenticate, so I cannot even leave the organization.

3. Changed the default authentication method (through I still do not get the option to authenticate via another email or via text.

4. Re-configured and verified the MFA multiple times.

5. Re-installed the app multiple times with clean storage/cache.


Any ideas what might be causing this and how it can be fixed?





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I managed to get Visual Studio authentication to work by turning off 'Authenticate across all Azure Active Directories', so now I'm sure the issue is with the specific Azure Active Directory