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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Transfer activity history from licensed account to guest account

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Context is:

- we are a professional branche organization

- we started with one tenant and assigned O365 licences to our externally hired secretariat employees 

- the external secretariat now realised their own SharePoint tenant

- the external secretariat administers several other external organizations each having their own tenant


Challenge at hand:

- we wish to maintain the assignment  of our O365 licences of the the secretarial employees

- however, for regular activities and especially participation in various Teams , the secretariat wishes to login through a guest account. Assumption is (rightly so, I guess) that it is more convenient to switch between tenants using a guest account than login with many different licensed accounts.



- if we create a guest account for those secretariat employees, how can we accomplish the desired situation that they (and all other people with whom they have been collaborating over the last year though Teams and Outlook) will still see their past activities?

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Hello@Bernd Kroon  !


If I understand the scenario correct. You have a tenant ( Lets Call it Tenant "A" )

And you have external users from Tenant "B" that has had licensed user account in your tenant to do work, is that correct? 


Now they want to use guest accounts from Tenant B towards your tenant for easier management from their end. Correct? 


Since the licensed user and the guest accout are according to Office365 and Azure, two separate users, There is not really a good way to "merge" the accounts. 


I would suggest that you either 


1: Keep the licensed accout for actual work, and the Guest account for Teams meetings and other communication. 


2: Get rid of the licensed user and just use the Guest account 


Or, you could also try and assign a license to the Guest users directly! Depedning on what services they need.


Let me know if you have further questions. 


Kind Regards
Oliwer Sjöberg

Dear @oliwer_sundgren ,


Thanks for your reply! You understanding of the scenario is correct. Your suggestions what to do are correct, exactly as I intend to do. But my question remains:

- there will then be users who will switch from participating in a Team based on a license in tenant A, will in future participate as a guest in tenant A (and with a licence in tenant B).


Now, what I do not know is: will those users still see all the chats, emails and team posts which they made while working on a licence of tenant A after they are transformed not being a guest of tenant A with a licence in tenant B?


Looking forward to your thoughts!