This one is important: Time to migrate your v1.0 Conditional Access policies to v2.0!

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Azure AD Conditional Access policies in the new Azure portal offer a powerful integrated experience to meet your organization’s security and compliance needs. As we approach the sunset date of Azure AD in the classic Azure portal, it’s important that you move from policies at an app level in the classic portal to Azure AD Conditional Access policies. We want your journey to be smooth, so to that end, we’ll be providing:


  1. A view of classic policies in the new Azure portal. This view will show you policies created in the classic Azure portal, Intune Silverlight portal, and the Intune App Protection portal.
  2. A disable option for each classic policy. Once you’ve re-created the policies, you’ll need to disable the old classic policy.


Read more about it in the Enterprise Mobility & Security blog.

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