SSO / ADFS to Azure AD / Hypeplanning

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Hello Everyone,


Happy new year !

I want use SSO  or ADFS with azure  / hyperplanning.

The problem is i don't find a way to do the interconnexion between them...

For example , when i choose  ADFS to hyperplanning , it ask me  the web link of my ADFS server. Azure has  a web link ?


If i choose SSO on Hyperplanning, it ask me to link an authentication link (CAS Web link server) and i don't know which link i put on.


Thanks for your reply 





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You need to give some more information so that the community can help. For instance, what is Hyperplanning?




Hyperplanning is  like a Education CRM (For colleges).


I resolved my first problem yesterday and now i found a new problem.


Hyperplanning asks me to choose a encrypted certificate.

So i tryed with encrypted certificate azure SAML. But hyperplanning is saying the certificate is not encrypted..


I'm lost.