Single Computer Domain to multiple Tenants using Azure AD Connect - AAD P1

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Trying to solve a problem, which I read is not possible on the latest page of supported Azure AD Connect page, which was published a year ago.


I have a client who has a single local computer domain, and 3 separate O365 tenants.  The sync is supported by filtering or only syncing a single domain, but the documentation indicates The SSO option for password hash synchronization and pass-through authentication can be used with only one Azure AD tenant.  


My ask, has this been updated with the latest tool? One would think it should work, if you have 3 separate AD Connects and 3 AAD directories to sync to, not syncing same UPN/information to each tenant (filtering).  


Has anyone tried this type of configuration?  The client will also be subscribing to AAD P1, so wondering how this affects write-back functions as well?


Is the only way to do this type of configuration, AD FS?


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I think you are talking about single AD to multiple Azure AD tenants features, launched recently. From the official documentation, I see PHS is supported across all tenants along with password writeback. However, hybrid experiences such as Seamless SSO and Hybrid Azure AD Join can be configure only on one tenant.
My understanding is the same as Jai's. Also, the same topology now officially supports Hybrid Exchange Migrate for both tenants from the single AD. The only caveat is that a separate AD connect instance must be deployed for each tenant. You can then filter migration by OU or attribute