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Sharing folder to external user with a microsoft account

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=== Update: 2020-03-09 ===

The issue is confirmed by Microsoft


== Update 2020-03-04 ===
I have enabled the "Email One-Time Passcode for guests (Preview)"  and SharePoint/OneDrive integration with Azure B2B a couple of days ago and still, if I invite someone having a microsoft account, when they sign in, it always fall back to one time passcode and never use the user Microsoft account. Looks to me that it does not work.


What I found out is the external user needs to exists in Azure AD to make this work. (My sharepoint sharing settings allow to invite new guest users and not only those who already exists in Azure AD). This is not what I expect. It should not require the external user to already exists in Azure AD guest users.

Anyone have this "Email One-Time Passcode for guests (Preview)" working?


Original post


Hi, I'm kind of confused how sharing is now working in SharePoint.


In my Azure AD organization relationship, the one-time passcode for guest user is not activated.


In SharePoint I'm sharing a folder to an external user for the first time who has a microsoft account (no guest account for this user currently created in my Azure AD).


He receives the invitation for the shared folder, click on the link and ends up to the one-time passcode page. He acquires the code, enters it and access the folder. 


1- Is it normal he receives a one-time passcode even if he has a Microsoft account?

2- If yes, should his account be registered as a guest account after he access the shared folder the first time using the one-time passcode?


Right now, the user is not added as a guest in Azure AD so he always need to use the link generating a one-time passcode.


My goal is to share (don't want to use permission) a folder and if the user has a microsoft account, he should be able to authenticate with his MS account. If he does not have an MS account he should have the choice to use one-time passcode or create an MS account. This is not what I get.







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