Rolling Entra Kerberos Keys doesn't dismiss warning in dashboard

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Last night I rolled my Entra Kerberos SSSO key with Set-AzureADKerberosServer in powershell and was getting "the azure ad kerberos server object in active directory is missing required properties. property: computeraccount.neverrevealgroup.count value:0". Couldn't find a solution online so I ran Remove-AzureADKerberosServer and then Set-AzureADKerberosServer again. 


When I ran Get-AzureADKerberosServer it showed KeyUpdatedOn and CloudKeyUpdatedOn had been changed to seconds earlier. However in the Azure portal under Entra Connect status this morning, it still shows the old key date with the warning triangle and hovering over it says it's recommended to roll the key. 



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