Reset guest redemption status not possible after creating Multitenant Organization (MTO)

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Hi all, we're on the path to creating a Multitenant Organization (MTO) for our global organization. 


We already have a relationship with one partner tenant which has B2B Collaboration and B2B Direct Connect set-up and is working well.


We took the step of creating a Multitenant Organization in our 365 admin center and started testing with a sandbox tenant, which has since been removed. 


The issue we are having now, is that guest users which are not part of B2B Collaboration or an MTO cannot have their redemption status reset. 


I first found this wasn't possible from the error in a Power Automate workflow using Microsoft Graph, then confirmed I got the same error in Entra ID.





The documentation for MTO was updated a few days ago and includes this, saying that as part of a multitenant organization, reset redemption for an already redeemed B2B user is currently disabled.



But should this be the case for guest users not part of B2B Collaboration or Multitenant? Is this an error or expected behaviour, I wonder? 



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