Question about setting up AAD to automatically provision users in Remedyforce (Salesforce)

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I have configured Azure AD to allow single sign-on to Remedyforce (Salesforce). This is working great.


I now want to enable automatic account provisioning. 

On the application page, the option says configure account provisioning which indicates that you are setting up account provisioning.


When you go through the steps, it suggests that the user accounts in AAD will be provisioned in Salesforce.



Can someone explain what the configure account provisioning step actually does.

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The account provisioning process refers to a relationship between Azure AD and a third party application/Service Provider such as Salesforce or Google Apps where Azure AD can provision user accounts and groups in the third party application. The process uses a protocol called SCIM and requires both parties to be licensed appropriately and configured to support this process. 


Microsoft documentation is here:




Hi Michael,


Is it right to say the Configure account provisioning sets up AAD to talk to the service provider and no accounts will be synced until the Assign Accounts step is completed?