Process of updating AADConnect to latest version?

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We have the very first version of AADConnect installed on a server, and want to update to the newest version.  


What is the "right" way to do that without impacting anything like sync rules?

  • Uninstall the current version and install new version?
  • Install new version on top of current version (without uninstalling)?


Lots of information on installing AADConnect from older clients, like AADSync, but not clear on just doing an upgrade on the old AADConnect that doesn't have the built in "upgrade" setting in it yet.

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You should be able to do in-place upgrade. If you have made changes to any of the default rules, they will be overwritten however. You can however export/import them and/or use other methods as detailed here:

Just completed, easy peasy :)

For anyone else, just downloaded and ran the installed, following the onscreen prompts.