Private Network is currently disabled in my tenant

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Hi All,


I am interested to test the Entra ID private access, but when I go to the connectors, it shows as "Private Network is currently disabled for your tenant.".


Does anyone knows what is the reason for this and How should I overcome this?





Thanks in advance,


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Hi, Dilan.


Have you enabled the private access traffic forwarding profile?





@dilanmic the feature is currently private preview. You have to request it in your tenant.

Hi Dilan,

You need to install a connector first on the device which has access to the network, then it will be enabled (and also have the traffic Forwarding enabled)

Thank You all. I will install the connector and forward the traffic. fingers crossed. 



Hello, I have exactly the same problem. Would you know if this issue is due to something new in Azure?
I never had the problem before.

And I doubt that I suddenly need to enable some other feature that is even in Preview in order to get basic Application Proxy up and working.

Personally I think it has to do with the installed Connector on my Web server and that it for some reason does not connect to the App proxy cloud instance. Still troubleshooting. Since Microsoft has made changes and updates to this piece of software, I wonder if it even can have some bug.

Any other thoughts?

@Marsu66720  it has been resolved for me when I installed the connector. 



Hi, Johan.


You could try removing the installed connector from your web server and then re-installing it.


If it fails to install or installs but doesn't show up in the Azure Portal then you might want to follow up on your own suggestion and check with your network administrators that traffic isn't being blocked.



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