POS frontline and enrollment and all the licensing

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I have a fairly unique situation where want to deploy massive amounts of POS terminals to multiple branches. Unfortunately, the frontline staff (majority do not have smartphones and change their cellphone numbers fairly frequently). Honestly, shift change and sign-on is also going to be a problem wrt password remembrance and resets.

We do not intend to give a MS365 account (F3+Security) for every user but would rather want to provide generic user to every device (i.e.) *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.

We don't need any office functionality for the device or user either. Perhaps, just the branch manager which is a separate unique account. We have multiple staff using the devices (roaming) between them on any giving shift due to the nature of the POS sale and business. INW we cannot allocate a device to specific staff.

We really just want the device to join the Azure AD to implement device policies and provide EDR. We have software (POS) which controls the access for every user on shift. We don't have any on prem AD or SCCM and wish to do everything via Azure AD.

What is MS best practice in this case? Is this allowed? Also can i assign multiple devices with same account (i.e. 5 devices per account).

I have really asked many folks on this topic and everyone seems to have another idea or perception on the above matter.

Thanks in advance.

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