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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Passwordless app notification not pushing into iOS notifications (app must be opened manually)

Steel Contributor

When switching to passwordless authentication, the Microsoft authenticator app does not generate a push notification in the iOS notification center. When I open the Microsoft authenticator app, the number matching prompt is displayed, so the sign-in works as expected, but I don't get a push notification from the app.


The strange thing is, when I disable the passwordless method, and fallback to password + push notification with number matching, then the Microsoft authenticator generates the push notification in the iOS notification center.


How could I troubleshoot that issue?

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Working with support on this at the moment

@Kiril we also see the same problem on a couple of IOS but also Android devices. Not all user.

Have you find a solution already with support?



No, the problem still persist. The users just stopped using the passwordless authentication (so they enter their password), and then the notifications work.
Re-applying the phone-sign in did not help? What if you reconfigure MFA completely for one user, then enable phone-sign in after that. Does that mitigate the issue?

@Simon Håkansson 


No not for us. Did a reset of all settings (also removed his current entries from the user account)

Tried it multiple times, but it didn't work. But to be honest, I am not sure, whether I did the "Re-applying the phone-sign" and "reconfigure MFA completely" correctly. How would you exactly approach that?
Use "Revoke multifactor authentication sessions" and "require re-register multi factor authentication" in Azure AD, on a particular users account (authentication methods).

I have a post on the onboarding of Passwordless (but this is based on Temporary Access Pass) it might help you here:
The problem just started to appear again on multiple user devices, who somehow managed to make it work. I assume it's based on changes by Microsoft in the Authenticator app?