Password change unmanaged mobile devices after on premise password change

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I am looking for the trigger for the password change on unmanaged mobile devices.


Whe are working with Office 365 Enterprise E3 licenses and On Premise Active Directory.

With a Azure AD Connect we sync the password changes to the Office 365 environment.


Sometimes it takes 36 hours for a unmanaged mobile device te trigger the password change from a Office 365 app(e.g. Outlook or OneDrive). 


Therefore I am looking for the trigger to make the Office 365 app to come much faster with the password change for my mobile device. Mobile devices are Android, Apple and Windows phones and tablets.


Anyone fimiliar with this option?


Thanks in advance and kind regards,


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This happens because access is cached on multiple levels, and is also the reason why changing a password (or blocking account) is not enough to prevent user access immediately. Forcing a password change (as admin) or revoking the tokens should speed up the process, but those cannot not targetted to the mobile device only and will create further inconveniences for the user. Just let them wait for it