Other requirements to enable PRONOUNS?

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My org (multiple tenants, both GCC and standard) has enabled Pronouns per this article: Turn pronouns on or off for your organization in the Microsoft 365 admin center - Microsoft 365 admi...


However, the option to actually USE pronouns (a "+ Pronouns" option in Outlook/Teams profile cards as shown here: Pronouns on your profile in Microsoft 365 - Microsoft Support) isn't available to any of our users, so I suspect there's something else we need to enable/allow.


Are there additional steps to enabling the use of Pronouns for an organization, other than just toggling it ON within the AAD admin center?

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So in answer to my own question: there's nothing else to enable at the tenant level other than toggling the feature on. It wasn't that pronouns weren't available to our users --- it was simply that we didn't know how to FIND them. Here's a short vid that SHOWS the steps: https://www.youtube.com/clip/UgkxotfHJXhpzBirwuXR53QfW--uSP0Il6Lk - all that was needed!
THANK YOU to this gentleman for posting the how-to :)