On-premise AD and Office365 - how to migrate to Azure AD

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We have an on premise AD and all users have a seperate Office365 account (mix of E1 be E3). Is it possible to migrate the AD to Azure and combine their existing Office accounts so that they have a single set of credentials and can maintain their existing email accounts? We are a not for profit with aging servers so moving to Azure AD makes sense.
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Sure! Adconnect do a match of existing users when you start syncing the ad users. but it need some setup on the on-preem accounts first in order to make an successful match! Read more here:



You have to remember if you wish to completely remove your on premise AD then you need to think about any GPO's and policies that are being processed via the local AD.  Azure Ad Connect is the right tool to sync up to Azure AD.   If you wish to do this ensure you look at E3 and Intune in Azure AD to cover of the local features of your current active directory.  Just something consider

How do you go about removing the users in on-premise AD that have already synced to Azure AD? If you just delete them on-prem, won't that delete them from Azure AD during the next sync?

Yes they will be deleted. Remove the users from the synk scope then go in in the office 365 admin portal or powershell and recover the users and they will be a cloud only users