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OAUTH integration

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For integration with OAuth2 several solutions were tried both at the mobile application level (React Native) and at the Backend level (Laravel).

The problem we encounter with Laravel libraries is that they are focused on web application, where the process includes a redirect to the Microsoft page to make the entry. This as we are running from a server we would not have the way to make this redirect for the user. In Laravel we use Socialite that is of Laravel and OAuth 2 Client of PHP League. In the research process in Microsoft forums especially in this question ( ? Forum = vcses) gave us a perspective of a missing step, instead of pointing the web url redirect we point to the certificate that is generated when we register a mobile application, we will be testing with this form to see if it works for us.

In React Native we implemented an integration that already had towards the Active Directory and Azure. This worked but the test user had double factor authentication where we required that user to confirm through an email or a text message. But once we requested the page we were not blocked by the user to enter. I was just saying there was a problem with that user. After that he could not try again with him.

At the time of authentication to Active Directory integrated with Azure through a REST backend, for the url callback should we use the endpoint that gives us at the time of registering a native application? If it is not, what type of application should we register to have a url callback to help us with this purpose.

I am attentive to your help.
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