Non Gallery apps and P1

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I'm planning to Integrate an app for SSO (with SAML 2.0) which I couldn't find in the Gallery.
I assigned myself a P1 license and I was able to add the app in the "Enterprise Applications" and assign a user who doesn't have P1.


At the moment the only Premium requirement I need is SSO for just one Non-Gallery App.

My question is -
Will the users require a P1 license to access this app via their myApps portal?
* Is this a license compliance violation if I just use 1 P1 license for this purpose?


If this is possible, does that mean a user who doesn't have P1 assigned can use 10 Apps apps but they require P1 if they need to open more than 10 apps at once?


Please advise on this.




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Sorry I forgot to mention, the users who will be using this SSO app are licensed for Office 365 (E3, Business Prem. and etc) but not for Azure Premium.