New Blog Post | Enhancements to Microsoft Entra certificate-based authentication


At Ignite 2022, we announced the general availability of Microsoft Entra certificate-based authentication (CBA) as part of Microsoft’s commitment to Executive Order 14028, Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity. Based on our experience working with government customers, PIV/CAC cards are the most common authentication method used within the federal government. While valuable for all customers, the ability to use X.509 certificate for authentication directly against Entra ID is particularly critical for federal government organizations using PIV/CAC cards and looking to easily comply with the Executive Order 14028 requirements as well as customers who want to migrate from a federated server like Active Directory Federated Server to Entra ID for CBA.   


Since then, we’ve added many new features and enhancements, which made CBA available on all platforms, including mobile, with support for certificates on devices as well as external security keys like YubiKeys. Customers now have more control and flexibility to tailor authentication policies by certificate and resource type, as well as user group and select certificate strength for different users, use CBA with other methods for multi-factor or step-up authentication, and set high affinity (strong) binding for either the entire tenant or by user group.   


Read the full article here: Enhancements to Microsoft Entra certificate-based authentication - Microsoft Community Hub

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