New Blog | New developments in Microsoft Entra ID Protection


By Alex Weinert


In the Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2023 (MDDR), we shared that on average, there are 11 token replay detections per 100,000 active users in Microsoft Entra ID each month. In addition, there are approximately 18,000 multifactor authentication (MFA) fatigue attempts observed per month.


The latest developments in Entra ID Protection help you reduce the risks of these attacks by making it easier to deploy risk policies, understand their impact, and protect your organization from emerging threats.  


Here are the highlights: 


  • Deploying Entra ID Protection just became easier with Microsoft-managed policies in your environment and an impact analysis workbook. 
  • You can now investigate and remediate compromised users faster with help from Copilot and expansion of self-remediation to hybrid users. 
  • You can also fine-tune the Machine Learning (ML) algorithm by providing feedback and identify and block token theft and suspicious actions taken by an attacker within Entra ID with new detections.  


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