New Blog | Microsoft Entra Internet Access: Unify Security Service Edge with Identity and Access Man


By Anupma Sharma


At our latest Microsoft Ignite event, we announced and demonstrated new capabilities within Microsoft Entra Internet Access, an identity-centric Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solution capable of converging all enterprise access governance in one place. These capabilities unify identity and network access controls to help eliminate the security loopholes and manageability created by using multiple security solutions. This helps protect enterprises against malicious internet traffic and other threats from the open internet.




Figure 1: Secure access to all internet sources, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Microsoft 365 apps with an identity-centric SWG solution.


In this blog, we highlight the advantages of Entra Internet Access’ web content filtering capabilities that work across all web-based internet resources and SaaS applications by leveraging the unified policy engine: Entra ID Conditional Access.


Extend Conditional Access policies to the internet


Microsoft Entra Internet Access extends the contextual sophistication of Conditional Access policies to enterprise SWG filtering. This enables you to apply granular web filtering for any internet destination based on user, device, location, and risk conditions​. The ability to apply different filtering policies​ (and in the future, threat protection policies, DLP policies, and more) based on various contexts and conditions is critical to address the complex demands of today’s enterprise. Bringing identity and network context together to enforce granular policy through Conditional Access is what makes Microsoft Entra Internet Access the first identity-centric SWG solution.

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