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Over 800,000 organizations rely on Microsoft Entra to navigate the ever-changing threat landscape, ensuring their security while enhancing the productivity of their end users. Customers have frequently expressed their desire for greater transparency into their Entra usage, with licensing being a particularly popular request. Today, we’re excited to announce the public preview of Microsoft Entra license utilization portal, a new feature that enables customers to optimize their Entra ID Premium licenses by providing insights into the current usage of premium features.


In this post, we’ll provide an overview of Entra ID license utilization, including what it is, how it works, and how you can optimize your license to get the most out of your Entra ID Premium Licenses.


The Entra ID License utilization portal allows you to see how many Entra ID P1 and P2 licenses you have and the usage of the key features corresponding to the license type. We're thrilled that Conditional Access and risk-based Conditional Access usage are available as part of the public preview, but this would be expanded to include usage of other SKUs and corresponding features at general availability. This perspective is an initial stride towards empowering you to comprehend your license count and the value you extract from your Entra license. It also aids in addressing any over-usage issues that might emerge in your tenants. 


Try the public preview


The license utilization & insights portal is available under the “Usage & Insights” blade.




Figure 1. License utilization insights portal under Usage & Insights blade


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