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New Blog | How to break the token theft cyber-attack chain


By Alex Weinert


We’ve written a lot about how attackers try to break passwords. The solution to password attacks—still the most common attack vector for compromising identities—is to turn on multifactor authentication (MFA).


But as more customers do the right thing with MFA, actors are going beyond password-only attacks. So, we’re going to publish a series of articles on how to defeat more advanced attacks, starting with token theft. In this article, we’ll start with some basics on how tokens work, describe a token theft attack, and then explain what you can do to prevent and mitigate token theft now. 


Tokens 101 


Before we get too deep into the token theft conversation, let’s quickly review the mechanics of tokens.


A token is an authentication artifact that grants you access to resources. You get a token by signing into an identity provider (IDP), such as Microsoft Entra ID, using a set of credentials. The IDP responds to a successful sign-in by issuing a token that describes who you are and what you have permission to do. When you want to access an application or service (we’ll just say app from here), you get permission to talk to that resource by presenting a token that’s correctly signed by an issuer it trusts. The software on the client device you’re using takes care of all token handling behind the scenes.




Read the full post here: How to break the token theft cyber-attack chain

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