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New Blog | Collaborate across M365 tenants with Entra ID multi-tenant organization


By Joseph Dadzie


Hi everyone, 


I’m excited to announce the general availability of Microsoft Entra ID multi-tenant organization platform capabilities! 


As your organization evolves, you may need to integrate multiple tenants to facilitate collaboration; for example, your organization may have recently acquired a new company, merged with another company, or restructured with newly formed business units. With disparate identity management systems, it can be costly and complex for admins to manage multiple tenants while ensuring users across tenants have access to resources to collaborate. 


To enable application sharing across tenants, many of you have already deployed features like B2B collaboration to grant application access across tenants in your organization, cross-tenant access settings to allow for granular access controls, and cross-tenant synchronization to manage the lifecycle of users across tenants.  


To further improve employee collaboration across your tenants, many of you have asked for unified chat across tenants in Microsoft Teams and seamless cross-tenant employee engagement and community experiences in Viva Engage. 


You can now use Entra ID multi-tenant organizations to improve the cross-tenant collaboration experience in Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage. The capabilities are now generally available with Microsoft Entra ID P1 in the M365 commercial cloud. 



Multi-tenant organization capabilities: 





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