MS Graph Throttling - handled by AzureAD / AzureADPreview Cmdlets automatically?

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I've used MS Graph directly (using MSGraphPSEssentials) for certain things where the AzureAD PS modules doesn't yet have a Cmdlet available.  The gap is always closing, and I pretty much can now do everything with either the AzureAD / AzureADPreview module.


One thing I can't find documented is whether or not MS Graph throttling is a concern with either AzureAD/AzureADPreview.  With direct MS Graph, I would batch my requests and follow the service limits to know how fast I can go.  Is this necessary for the AzureAD modules?  Or, do all of the Cmdlets automatically handled throttling (i.e. 429's)?


If it is handled automatically, I think that is an enticing reason to use the modules over going direct to MS Graph.


Thanks in advance.

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