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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Migration FSR to DFSR stuck at level 3 due PDC crash

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Hi all,

I'm a nb for this level ov AD operations...

We have two mandatory goals:

1- raise the domain from 2012 to 2019 or 2022

2- change actual old PDC hardware with a new one


The first steps they looked at promote DC, demote PDC, PDC roles transferred from old to the virtual machine DC, all without visible errors.

At the moment of the migration from FSR to DFSR, the old hardware PDC has unrecoverably crashed at logical or/and hardware level in the middle of migration at operation 3 that not consent rollback.

Due this the migration is now stucked at 'Preparing' State - Primary DC.


We have tried many attempts among wich:

- restore backup on PDC hw crashed but without success

- retore backup of othe DC throuh wich we have seen the condition of inconsistency indicate below.


Some elemente of the environment:

- original domain is composed by 1 harware PDC and 2 virtual machine with DC roles in SAN VMWare. We not hawe RODC.

- I cannot recover the PDC from backup due hardware issues.

- The second and third DC has inconsistent state of replication despite all system message they were correct and whithout errors.:suprised:

- DNS work properly


The last chance was create a new virtual DC, promote this and apparently it synced with the other DC but SYSVOL is empty and the level of DFSR results FRS on old DC and DFSR on new virtual DC with obviously inconsistency of SYSVOL. 


At this moment the old virtual DC hold up the entire domain base on populated SYSVOL and FSR service.

If i stop this service and start DFSR service, FSR run 2 minute and stoppping. Afther this SYSVOL desappear sharing It does not work anymore. IT's sufficient stop DFSR and start FRS and SYSVOL apparently work but non replicate in new virtual DC.


Do you have any suggestion to unlock the FSR-->DFSR migration?


Thanks a lot.




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