Migrate from Hybrid Azure Joined to Azure AD Joined

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Im now in the process where we are ready to move all clients to Azure AD Joined and remove Hybrid.

Currently we are Hybrid using Azure AD Connect.

Any suggestions to how I will move the Windows 10 device from Hybrid to Azure Joined in easiest way ?

OS is Windows 10 Enterprise.


thanks in advance

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When you say Hybrid, I assume you mean Hybrid Azure AD Join.
Also, just curios to know, are you also scoping the machines to Intune, as conditional access which only give you the option of HybridAzureADJoin or Compliant Devices.

We have not yet found a proper way to automate this so for us, this means manually for each and every device. But I hope someone here might know otherwise.

@Jonas Back  How you migrate them now manual from Hybrid Azure Joined to Azure AD Joined?

@Andre van den Berg There is really no real path that I know of other than manual/AutoPilot with or without re-install.

@Jonas Back how does your manual process look like? moving the computer to a workgroup and manually joining Azure AD in the account settings?


what happens if you just move a computer to a workgroup when hybrid joined?

@DanielGut Here's how you do it. I'm not sure if you need to put it into a WORKGROUP first.


Some more info here: https://tech.xenit.se/join-windows-10-computer-azure-active-directory/







I'm also interested to move from hybride azure domain join to Azure domain join without reinstalling computers.


Any new about this?




I have the same issue. I can't believe microsoft has no supported path to migrate from HAADJ to AADJ without resetting the PC and/or losing profile settings. Any news on that?