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Migrate from Hybrid Active Directory to Azure Active Directory

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Hi everyone,

Recently, our server running the Windows Domain Controller (our infrastructure is a hybrid AD) has suddenly stopped working.

Thus, we are looking for a more permanent fix to replace the domain controller with Azure AD. However, we are lost on what we must do to migrate from a system like Azure active directory.


Our domain controller has our domain name and employee details (name/email/passwords/client groups) and we wish to keep them when migrating to Azure AD.


I just wanted to clarify whether is there any way or instructions guiding how to migrate from a virtual machine's domain controller to an Azure AD or a more cloud-based solution.


Thanks, everyone.

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When Azure AD DS is deployed, 2 domain controllers are deployed in the backend and access to the VMs of those domain controllers is not provided.

  1. Sync On Premise AD to Azure AD through Azure AD Connect
  2. After Sync Create Azure AD DS and Sync to Azure AD (for Which VM needs to be created which will have role of Domain Services)
  3. Part of above process we need to create a Virtual Network and 2 Subnets one for Azure AD DS and other for VM server.

Note: In case of Azure ADDS, you won't have Enterprise administrator privileges, due to which you might not be able to perform all the tasks that you can perform in on-premises AD.
Also, keep in mind that schema extension and geo-distributed deployment is not supported with Azure AD DS.

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