Microsoft Graph: The property is missing a required prefix/suffix......

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Trying to change the Display Name on a group using Graph in a PowerShell script. When I execute the script I receive the following error:

"The property is missing a required prefix/suffix per your organization's Group naming requirements."
From my reading if I have the permission Directory.ReadWrite.All, it should override the policy.

This policy was design that when a user creates a Team we prefix the created Group/Team's Display Name with the user's department number. 


Looking for a solution to this problem, this is our first annual end of cycle and I'm require to change over 1000 groups display name. I rather use Graph then powershell cmdlets to change the Display Name.


excerpt of the script: 

$URI = ""


$NewName = @{
"description" = "EOSY - 2-D Studio Art 1-06-37"
"displayname" = "EXP_19-20 - 2-D Studio Art 1-06-37"
} | ConvertTo-Json


$Results = Invoke-RestMethod -Method PATCH -Uri $URI -Headers $Header -Body $NewName -ContentType 'application/json'

Permissions on Application:




Thank you for any help in this matter.




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Where did you see that statement about Directory.ReadWrite.All? And does it apply to both application and delegated permissions? 

@Vasil Michev 


Never found it on any Microsoft site, found that information on couple of the many website I searched looking for a solution. 


My next plan is to see if I add a global admin credential to my Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred would allow me to change Display Name.


Thank You for responding.





@Larry Jones 

Did you find a solution? We also have a naming convention in place and want to create Teams by the API without following the naming convention of all the other users.

@StephanGee  Unfortunately no!!.. i went with Azure AD PowerShell command to rename groups.