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Microsoft Graph: The property is missing a required prefix/suffix......

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Trying to change the Display Name on a group using Graph in a PowerShell script. When I execute the script I receive the following error:

"The property is missing a required prefix/suffix per your organization's Group naming requirements."
From my reading if I have the permission Directory.ReadWrite.All, it should override the policy.

This policy was design that when a user creates a Team we prefix the created Group/Team's Display Name with the user's department number. 


Looking for a solution to this problem, this is our first annual end of cycle and I'm require to change over 1000 groups display name. I rather use Graph then powershell cmdlets to change the Display Name.


excerpt of the script: 

$URI = ""


$NewName = @{
"description" = "EOSY - 2-D Studio Art 1-06-37"
"displayname" = "EXP_19-20 - 2-D Studio Art 1-06-37"
} | ConvertTo-Json


$Results = Invoke-RestMethod -Method PATCH -Uri $URI -Headers $Header -Body $NewName -ContentType 'application/json'

Permissions on Application:




Thank you for any help in this matter.




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Where did you see that statement about Directory.ReadWrite.All? And does it apply to both application and delegated permissions? 



Never found it on any Microsoft site, found that information on couple of the many website I searched looking for a solution. 


My next plan is to see if I add a global admin credential to my Invoke-RestMethod -Credential $Cred would allow me to change Display Name.


Thank You for responding.





@Larry Jones 

Did you find a solution? We also have a naming convention in place and want to create Teams by the API without following the naming convention of all the other users.

@StephanGee  Unfortunately no!!.. i went with Azure AD PowerShell command to rename groups.