Microsoft Entra Application Proxy cannot access ressource

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I'm having trouble accessing my RDS server via my proxy application.


Configuration: 1x Server in Windows 2022 with all roles installed (Broker, GTW, etc...)


I used the explanations provided by the following site : RDS AAD PROXY 


For my test phase, I used the Azure domain (msappproxy) and not a custom domain.


Everything works until I launch my application via my HTML5 page. I get the following error:




Before the error appears, I can see (not all the time) the following message: 




Then the main error occurs.


On the firewall side, everything is open(Outside).


My gateway rules have also been configured to let ports 3389 and 443 through (I had seen this possible solution in another forum).

I also use a self-signed certificate that I created following the guide previously mentioned above.

Do you have any idea what might be blocking?


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