Membership updates for AAD Dynamic Groups

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When a new person joins the organization and has attributes satisfying the rules set for a particular dynamic group, will the dynamic group membership be automatically updated to include this new joiner? Or does this have to be triggered manually? 

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The dynamic group membership will automatically update.

Thanks @Ricardo Viana .


Any idea what the refresh frequency is like? Once in 24 hours, once a week, etc? 

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Take a look into

From the documentation, I would say it is 30 min.
Thank you!


Did you get any option to update the dynamic group membership at regular interval (maybe 5 minutes or so)?

@SumitKumar Nope, I'm not sure that is configurable. But I left it as the default and it updates quickly enough for the requirements of my organization.

Ok. for me it will be difficult as i am applying few intune policies/apps based on group membership. These apps are part of ESP (during autopilot build). And if group membership is not updated quickly enough they miss the ESP  profile apps and then they don't get the app during autopilot build process.

@SumitKumar yes this is still a major issue for us as well. Newly-joined AAD devices don't get added to the dynamic group quickly enough for ESP to work. To remedy, we must assign apps/configs to "All Devices" then exclude the "personal" dynamic group. Not ideal.

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