List of all licenses and their meaning and function?

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Hey Folk,


I need help because I don't know exactly which license is actually responsible for what due to the large number of licenses. I would like to assign the necessary licenses to a group as precisely as possible and remove those that are not required. To do this, however, I need to know exactly which services are behind it, here is a list attached via screenshot. In my specific case, it's about intune managed devices whose users mainly use office, exchange, onedrive, sharepoint and teams.


Does microsoft have a list of these anywhere? 


Thank you!

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Hey @Mykey,

I am not aware of a list, but is always very helpful to me when going through things like this. By choosing the license you have, you can find direct MS learn links to the Office 365 features and with abit of reading hopefully make an educated decision to disable or enable a feature.