Linking Azure AD and Azure AD B2C

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Dear all,


since Azure AD B2C does currently not support group assignments, I was thinking of connecting our current B2C tenant to our regular Azure AD tenant with the intention of creating group assignments across the two tenants. Is this at all possible?


All answers are greatly appreciated.



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It appears this feature is under review by the product group, can you check this User Voice and see if it matches what you are looking for?


I have done this for a client using a custom API and made it part of the user journey, it used the Graph API to get info from Tenants. There are two groups available - the groups within the Azure B2C Tenant and the groups within the Azure AD Tenant that owns the Azure AD B2C Subscription (The business tenant). The API accepts a few variables, one of them being a groups attribute and the other being a tenant id attribute. If the user journey needs groups, it will add the group request, but needs the source, the attribute being B2C or Azure. They needed this to display certain applications on their portal based on group assignments. The Groups attribute is sent in the claims information and the portal app determines App display via the groups attribute information