It’s Time for Token Binding

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The last few months have been some VERY exciting times in the world of identity and security standards. Due to the efforts of a broad set of experts across the industry, we’ve made incredible progress in finalizing a broad set of new and improved standards that will improve both the security and user experiences of a generation of cloud services and devices.


One of the most important of these improvements is the Token Binding family of specifications which is now well on its way towards final ratification at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). (If you want to learn more about token binding, watch this great presentation by Brian Campbell.)




Read more about it in the Enterprise Mobility + Security blog.

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@Eric Starkerany news/updates. Will MS Edge(chromium) bring support back? Looking forward to testing. 

I'm just sharing the news - I'm not a member of their team. I'll reach out and try to get an answer for you. 

@independentid we have a bit of news coming up at the Identiverse conference next week on this front - I wanted to make sure to at least reply here now to be timely, but will reply again after next week with more details.