Issue with API-driven provisioning and Supervisor ID

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I am trying to use API-driven provisioning to create new user accounts from my HR system. One of the fields that you should be able to map is the Manager ID to assign the manager. Up until now, we have created Entra users manually so I have added employee IDs to some accounts.

When I run the provisioning I use something like

"manager": {
      "value": "12345"



If I use the employee ID of a user that I created manually I receive an entry in the logs like:

We were unable to assign 12345 as the manager of 12346. In order to ensure that the references are updated properly, you have two options. First, ensure that 100001 is in scope for provisioning. Provision 12345 on-demand and then provision 12346 on-demand. Alternatively, you can restart provisioning after ensuring that 12345 is in scope for provisioning.


If, however, I provision a user with the API and then try to assign that user as a manager - then that user does get assigned.

Is there

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Hello Paul

I don't know if this is still relevant for you, but the way that I ended up setting the Manager propertie was to create a new attribute in API-provisioning and mapped to the Active Directory Manager attribute. I basically skipped the ID part - Of cause the manager has to be in Active Directory :)

I wrote about here where I go over on how i did

Hope it helps