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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Is there a Get-MsolSubcription equivalent in the AzureAD module ?

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Just a quick question as I find very little information online regarding this command.
Is there a Get-MsolSubcription equivalent in the AzureAD module ?

Get-AzureADSubscribedSku does give somewhat the same output but does not "expand" each license if we have CSP and Creditcard bought licenses of the same product.


Also, the Get-MsolSubscription now has a property called "OwnerObjectId" that we can use to identify licenses bought from our CSP or other (However this ID is not the same as our Tenant ID?)
Help is updated in Powershell, but shows no information on this property.


Really trying to utilize the new AzureAD module as much as I can, but it clearly cant replace the msol module quite yet.

Tore Melberg

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Not that I know of. And yes, the AzureAD module (and the Graph altogether) is not yet a proper replacement for MSOnline...

Hi Vasil Michev, do you know what the OwnerObjectId relates to? The Guid is not the same as our Tenant Id, however its the same on all customers, so its easy to identify.

It's basically indicator of the type of subscription(s) the customer has. Empty string designates regular subscription purchased from Microsoft, otherwise if designates the tenant ID of the CSP.

@Tore Melberg it has been almost 3 years, did you ever find a working solution without the MSOL module for this?





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Hi, no, have not seen anything like this other than in the MSOL module yet.
Tried Graph, AzureAD.

Seen some commands when I search for it on a "provisioning api" but I have not found much on this, so might be a dead end to search further in to that one.


Hopefully there will come a solution before the MSOL module stops working.
I think this part here needs to be added as a userstory so that it will become available in Graph or similar solutions, as it is very usefull information at times.



Tore Melberg