Installing AAD Graph API in new tenant


Hi I'm very new to Azure Active Directory (and Azure in general) so please bear with me. I'm in the process of provisioning a new tenant in Azure Dogfood so that I can do a tenant level deployment. However, I will need to first assign myself Owner role to the root scope using the Powershell cmdlet New-AzRoleAssignment according to this page ( However when I run the cmdlet I'm getting the error "The resource principal named was not found in the
tenant named {tenatid}. This can happen if the application has not been installed by the administrator of the tenant". Apparently New-AzRoleAssignment will use AAD Graph API for authentication but AAD Graph API is not installed in the new tenant I provision. I try installing it through the market place in the Azure Portal but AAD Graph API is not found. How can I install AAD Graph API in the portal? Thanks

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I am also pretty new to Azure Graph. But I would recommend you to go to the app registrations and not market place to register your application. Found in Azure Active Directory>App regestration. There you can link your new app.

Maybe this also helps you out:
It seems that you are missing some general info about Microsoft Graph. Have you check out this blog series

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