If I delete a tenant, will it be available to re-register?

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I might need to delete a onMicrosoft.com tenant linked to Office 365. Once I delete it, will it available again to re-register?

And same with sharepoint.com?

Note: Instructions on deleting tenants here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/active-directory-administer#how-can-i-delete...
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Mmm...the post you mention is about deleting an Azure AD, no your tenant. I don't believe there is a direct way to delete a tenant so you will probably have two options here:
(1) Open a support ticket and ask if it's possible to disable your tenant and start the tenant "deprovisioning" proceoss
(2) Wait until the tenant expires and enter this processs.
In both cases the process is going to take some time and once Microsoft detects it can be deleted, you will be able to re-use tenant name

If I remember correctly, there was a process for "speed deletion" that the support folks can initiate. So as Juan suggested above, best contact support and have them initiate the process.

oh great! thanks for that. =)

How is the speed deletion possible ? to reuse the same tenant faster than the offical day period?

@Vasil Michev  Support informed me that deletion can take some time. It's been almost 10 months now. I've asked about the speed delete process. What can cause a slow deletion?